Has your brand become boring and falling flat? Does your brand need a facelift without making any changes on a deep strategic level? ICONICAL can create mouth watering visual identity and designs that will outbrand your competitors.
Why you need brand visual identity
Customers make up their mind about your brand faster than you can say “huh?”, sometimes solely based on your visual identity. If it looks bad there’s a good chance your brand will be rejected, pretty logical right?
We design visual identities in beautiful logos, colours, shapes and patterns that communicate the brand’s essence. With hard work and creativity we will give your brand the extra spark that will boost brand recognition, engagement and trust.
Our approach
The visual identity is a translation of the brand platform and voice. Basically the outfit of your brand’s personality.
We make you stand out from your competitors, Sharp, bold and amazing.
Steps and framework:
Design discovery
In the design discovery phase of a project we get a better understanding of your challenges or opportunities that need to be solved. 
Visual strategy development
It is focusing on your target group and the goals you want to achieve for the project. 
Brand style guide
 ensures you that your brand is consistently portrayed in all touch-points where your audience engages with your brand. 
Logo creation
We will create striking unparalleled logo designs that will truly differentiate your business and engage your audience. 
Color palette development
A color palette harmonizing with your brand values is one of the most important parts of your visual identity. Our visual designers create colours that communicate real feelings and emotions, making your brand attractive and irresistible. 

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